OKF History

The Oregon Korea Foundation was founded in 1995 by a group which included some of the former presidents of the Korean Society of Oregon, for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing the Korean Community Building.

The OKF building’s inception in 1995 was the result of the passionate efforts and generous donations of numerous Korean-Americans from all walks of life in Oregon, as well as the leadership of all former presidents of KSO since 1967 when KSO was born.

In 2002, the OKF vision was completed by introducing an endowment concept to benefit the Korean community. The immense show of support has been a testimonial to this vision of creating hope, possibilities, and success to those in need.


OKF Operations

  • We are managed by dedicated volunteer board members who share OKF’s mission.
  • We are an organization of those who practice giving and sharing with compassion for their neighbors and community doing meaningful work.
  • We run the business of raising funds and dispersing grants with utmost integrity.
  • We are free from political influence or special interests. Its aim is to preserve and share Korean cultural heritage and improve the quality of life for Korean-American communities in Oregon.


OKF Donors

Most donors have a purpose in mind when they donate to OKF. They feel a certain satisfaction and pride knowing that their compassionate giving has served its purpose.

We always honor the wishes of donors, and their names remain on permanent record.

Transparency & Openness is important to us, we make all our operations public – from the spending of funds, to the programs supported, and the effects of its grants on supported programs.


Mission Statement

OKF’s mission is to preserve, share and promote Korean culture and to manage and increase the assets of the foundation.