Annual Banquet

The 2019 Annual Banquet.

When: Dec 10th, 2019 (Tuesday) 6PM

Where: Portland Golf Club


A few pictures from 2019 Annual gathering.

2019 Banquet attendees
Jee Sung Hee performs a tranditional Korean dance.
Endowment donors recognized, thank you all.

 A few pictures from 2018 Annual gathering.

Mrs. Okja Hom (centered) is our 2018 Scholarship Endowment donor.


With Rockie Park’s Family and Roy Kim, Peter Chun, Helen Chun, Francesca Kim, H.J. Yu (2018)

A few pictures from 2017 banquet (below).

With Rockie Park, Yoon Sik Shin, Eun Sang Lee
Past Chairs
PYP and Korean Language School kids receiving our grant.

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