Give and Endowments



A financial endowment is a donation of money or property to a nonprofit organzation like us for the ongoing support of that organization.  The endowment funds are permanent funds, which are structured so that the principal amount is kept intact while the investment income is used to support its organizations charitable casues and programs.

Endowment Funds:

  • Permanet, secure funds offered by OKF that support the community in perpetuity
  • May be named after you or a loved one
  • Each year, earnings from the fund are granted to your choice of charity
  • Reveice current income tax charitable deduction
  • Avoid estate taxes on contributed assets
  • Minimum fund balance of $10,000 required, installment payment of $1,000 per year required.

Donor-Advised Fund:

  • Enjoy administrative convenience, cost savings, and tax advantages by conducting your regular charitable grant making trhough the fund
  • An easy-to-use current charitable giving fund
  • May be opened for as little as $5,000.  Minimun fund balance of $5,000 required for the privilege of making grants.

Charitable Gift Annuities:

  • A contract between you and OKF in which you make an irrevocable gift of cash or securities ($10,000 or more) and you receive immediate, guaranteed lifetime payments
  • The remaining value at your passing benefits OKF’s Community Endowment Fund
  • Receive a partial charitable income tax deduction on the original gift
  • A portion of the payments you receive is tax-free
  • Capital gains taxes are spread over your lifetime on gifts made with highly appreciated assets owned for longer than 12 months.


Stewardship of charitable funds is one of OKF’s most important responsibilities and transparency is also important to earn the trust among donors.  All of our permanent funds are invested at the Oregon Community Foundation under OKF Fund, which has a similar investment policy with ours.  The OCF Investment committee is comprised of professional, knowledgeable and experienced volunteers.  Annual statement is available upon your request.

There are various funds available to accommodate your needs and opening a new fund with OKF is an easy process.  Simply contact us at or call us at 503-293-3011



OKF Scholarship Recipients (KAC)


OKF Endowment Patrons
Harry & Rak Soon Park
Choi Family Trust (Yoo, Taejung)
Peter & Helen Chun
Chris & Stephanie Kang
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Cho
The 12 Friends Endowment
Ok Ja Hom

Pooled Community Endowment Funds
Sung Lee Kim
David & Candace Jun
John & Susan Bates
Chuck & Amy Yu